NBA 2K revealed the top five shooters who scored


NBA 2K revealed the top five shooters who scored three points in the game as Karl-Anthony Towns was surprised not to be on the list NBA 2K23 MT. Naturally, Stephen Curry leads by a 98 per cent overall three-point rating.Klay Thompson Desmond Bane, Kevin Durant Kevin Durant, Desmond Bane, And Luke Kennard are all tied for second place, with an three-point score of 88. But Karl-Anthony towns is seeking answers as to why he's absent from the top 5 shooters from NBA 2K23.

The Timberwolves big man is a professional with a three-point rate at 39.7 percent. He scored 41 percent from beyond the arc in the 2021-2022 period. He's never shot worse than 34 percent in one season from deep. In addition, Towns is the reigning NBA three-point contest champ.

There's no doubt that Towns is a danger from the long range. But which player would he like to replace on NBA 2K23's top 5 list? Stephen Curry is the best shooter of all time. Klay Thompson is believed to be one of the greatest shooting players ever.Meanwhile, Desmond Bane emerged as a star from deep last season. Luke Kennard makes his living through the three-ball. In addition, Kevin Durant features an underrated three-point shot.

Nevertheless, Towns will have no shortage of determination to prove NBA 2K23 wrong this season. He is confident in his three-point capability and could make a assertion with another great season from beyond the arc Buy 2K MT. There's also a high possibility that Towns is going to enter the three-point competition once again.

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