Canelo Alvarez The fighter from Guadalajara


fulfilled the dream of a 13-year-old boy

Canelo Alvarez is known not only for his quality in the boxing ring, where he has had a brilliant career, but he is also known for his generosity and humane qualities when it comes to helping other people.

The Mexican fighter may have won multiple world championships across different weight classes, but he still finds the time to perform charitable acts for either fans or those less fortunate.

The most recent example of this has seen Alvarez trending again on social media, with a video coming out of South America through a Tik Tok user.

Canelo's gesture to Walter
Venezuelan influencer Manuel Conecta went out on the streets in his country, and met Walter, a 13-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a boxer, and in order to be able to buy boxing gloves he goes out every day, stands on street corners and offers to clean windscreens.

Manuel Conecta and Walter met, and the Tik Tok user let Canelo know about Walter's dream, and immediately got a response.

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